An Island with over 150km of sandy beaches and turquoise waters, discover vast natural landscapes and share the natural openness of its people. A place to enjoy numerous activities in the best conditions. That paradise is Fuerteventura, The beach of the Canaries.
Escape from the daily routine, abandon yourself to an oasis of sensations where you are the most important thing. Let yourself get pampered by the landscape, the light, the sea and the fresh air. Benefit from the qualities of the aloe vera, volcanic rocks, seaweed wrap, massages… Soaring to a state of absolute tranquility, of inner search and relaxation, a lot of relaxation.
The elongated island has an area of 1,660 km2 (641 sq mi). The island is 100 kilometres (62 miles) long and 31 kilometres (19 miles) wide. It is part of the province of Las Palmas. It is divided into six municipalities:

The Beaches

Pristine beaches, Blue Flag beaches, beaches with a taste of a fishing village, beaches for water sports.
Beaches to lose yourself and reconnect again.


The island enjoys a friendly climate all year around. The moist breeze of the trade winds, from one side, and the dry warmth of the Sahara desert and its temperate streams, on the other, come together in harmony on the island. The balance between clear skies (with 3,000 hours of sunshine on average per year), mild temperatures (between 22ºC and 25ºC) and warm water, allows swimming almost every day of the year.


Declared in full World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, in its nearly flat territory there are large areas without buildings or traces of human activity (on this island, a house is an almost exclusive treasure). It contains numerous monuments and parks, as well as unique landscapes that reveal the volcanic origin of the island.
Its good climate allows the practice of any leisure or sports throughout the year in a charming setting.


Fuerteventura is the legacy of its history. The footprint of the old settlers is still visible in places like the mountain of Tindaya and its archeological sites and pre-Hispanic place names, that are every day present. Its friendly people, its cuisine flavored by the sea and the goat grazing, make the island a place with immense appeal.


Connections to Fuerteventura are a wide range of possibilities. It has direct air connections with the major European capitals and cities. The farthest European city is less than five hours of flight. It also has easy connectivity to some urban centers in West Africa. Its ports are enabled to accommodate boats, passenger ships and cargo, and cruise ships.
Fuerteventura can enjoy the peace and the unspoilt nature of a ‘hidden island’ in the Atlantic, and at the same time be close to home.