Tenerife, the largest of the seven islands that make up the Canary Island archipelago. The island is just over 300 km from the African coast, and about 1,300 km from the Spanish Mainland. It has an area of 2,034 km 2 and a strangely triangular shape, with the gigantic Pico del Teide rising up in the centre to 3,718 metres, making it the highest point in all of Spain. Tenerife is a volcanic island that was originally formed in the late Tertiary Age.
Tenerife is known throughout the world as the Island of Eternal Spring. Its geographic position, in an imaginary strip around the world in which you find some of the best holiday spots in the world, means that this slogan is not far from truth.
The reasons for the gentle climate are the prevailing winds - the trade winds - the orography of the terrain itself and the cold Canary current, which ensures that the coasts and beaches of Tenerife always enjoy magnificent temperatures, sometimes above the temperature of the air.
The island of Tenerife has a wide variety of endemic flora and fauna, as well as several different landscape structures; almost 48,6 % of the island is protected in one way or another.
The jewel in the crown is the Teide National Park, created in 1954, but the island also has the Corona Forestal Nature Park and the Anaga and Teno Rural Parks.
It is easy to enjoy yourself in Tenerife, both by day and by night and whatever your age. The range of leisure activities covers scientific and natural interests, with visits to the Botanical Gardens and Loro Parque in the north, or the colony of pilot whales in the waters of the south, to the fun of Siam water park and other attractions, including sporting activities like trekking, with an extensive network of sign-posted trails. The nights of Tenerife are especially pleasant, thanks to the mild climate. Casinos to try your luck in an elegant setting like the Puerto de la Cruz Casino, restaurants, night clubs with international shows, discotheques and pubs with live music, and these are just some of the options available to visitors each night.